Before making a claim, you should check if any waiting periods apply and if you have used annual limits.

How do I make an optical claim?

There are a few ways you can claim on your Optical benefits but most members just swipe their nib card when they are in an nib Eye Care store.

  • Swipe your nib card Claiming on the spot with us is the easiest way to claim. Just hand over your nib card during your appointment we'll swipe it through our in store terminal to check your annual limits. The amount nib can pay will be automatically calculated so you just pay the gap.
  • Claiming online or in the app┬áIf claiming on the spot isn't an option for you, you can either use the nib App or Online Services from your computer, phone or tablet to submit your claim.
    Simply hit "claim now" in the nib App, take a photo of your receipt when prompted (make sure it's not blurry and that all details can be read!) and submit. nib will pay the Optical benefits straight into your account within five working days.
    Make sure you have registered for online services so you can use the app to make your claims.

How can I find out how much I have left to claim?

You can check your remaining annual limits by going to the My Usage tab in Online Services or in the App.

Is there a time limit I need to make claims by?

nib health fund only pay claims within 2 years of the date you had the service, so don't delay.

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